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The future is now

A Place to livewell, workwell & staywell
Stabio will give you a different welcome
stabio garden living
We have started the works!
50% of apartments sold


The future of urban regeneration takes shape

Strategically located between the beauties of Switzerland and Italy, Stabio Garden Living will offer you a crossroads of opportunities and benefits. The architecture aims to redefine the concept of quality of life in a contemporary community, offering a cutting-edge and sustainable experience.

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Another way of living

Just a step away from Mendrisio and in close proximity to the lakes of Lugano, Como and Varese, Stabio Garden Living is more than just a residential development. The redevelopment of the former Rapelli land is a bold vision that embraces a new lifestyle: comfortable, exclusive and safe.

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Contemporary living: quality and comfort

Unparalleled experience in quality design and interiors, where every detail reflects the excellence of the A++ group. Immerse yourself and explore the curated interiors that seamlessly blend style and comfort, creating spaces that reflect your unique essence. Welcome to a home where design meets inspiration.

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Wellbeing embracing every aspect

Discover a new lifestyle. Elevate your daily routine with our premium amenities, designed to exceed expectations and enhance your living experience. Welcome to a residence where every detail is crafted for your comfort and enjoyment.

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An innovative and interactive space

Explore our store, where every detail of the design is expertly presented to immerse you in the elegance and functionality of your future home.

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Experience the future of living

Dive into our image gallery and let the visuals unveil the essence of Stabio Garden Living. Explore the architectural marvels, exquisite interiors, and vibrant community spaces that define a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and sophistication.

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